Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine is a great way to assist people in overcoming acute and chronic illnesses,  prevents illness and enhance wellbeing.

During nutrition consultations, we partner with our clients to help them reach their wellbeing goals and their potential through great food choices, positive lifestyle changes and nutrient supplementation, tailored to specific individual needs. In the initial consultation, we take a comprehensive health and diet history and develop a holistic wellbeing treatment plan for each individual, this could be by increasing or decreasing certain foods, changing lifestyle habits and behaviours or by adding nutrients that will support them to reach their goals, for example; increase energy, reduce stress, balance hormones or build immunity and resilience at home and at work.

Each treatment plan contains both short and long term specific, measurable and realistic goals for clients to achieve.  Follow up sessions are focused on optimizing progress, and modifying treatments as needs change and goals are achieved.   The length of the wellness journey is specific to the client and their individual case and goals. We are passionate about health and wellbeing and inspired by the achievements of our clients.