Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Is your team struggling to reach targets, meet deadlines and set goals?
Investing in your employees’ health and well-being can improve productivity, motivate the team to strive for success and encourage them to make long-term behavioural changes that will contribute to a stronger employee-employer relationship.

Corporate health coaching and executive coaching is proven to bring substantial benefits to individual employees and entire organisations by helping save costs and reduce risks, as well as create resources for employees to learn strategies for changing lifestyle behaviours.

Designing an effective wellness program for employees requires catering to a diverse group of employees, so how does Create Wellbeing Group take an individualised approach? With decades of experience working in the corporate environment and health and wellbeing, Nicole focuses on the big picture, but tailors the program to suit the individual needs of every employee. By guiding teams with specialised one-on-one attention, Nicole can help each employee meet the overarching company goals, in addition to their own personal ones.


Employees are feeling more stressed and disconnected than ever before, their health and wellbeing is key to their performance both at home and at work.  Struggling with mental health or staying  motivated in the workplace, corporate wellness programs could be the motivation they need to succeed. Integrating behavioural science with a motivational design, Nicole can help create a unique program that delivers the most effective wellness solutions for every employee. Throughout the program, companies can track progress and evaluate real-time results to ensure the overall goals help employees cope with stress, get motivated, feel better to be at their best.

By investing in the most important asset, your people, you can make a positive impact on the organisational bottom line.  Programs are aimed at motivating people to feel at their best at work and at home for sustainable performance.  Organisations that make personal and workplace wellbeing a key focus, lift productivity, engagement and creativity by 30% or more and decrease burnout by 100% and reduce turnover. 

Wellbeing programs can be tailored to the specific needs of your team and your organisation.  A wellbeing assessment is conducted using the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) to assist in finding the right levers to support your organisation and your people’s needs. The survey is designed to capture the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing across home and work life.  From the comprehensive assessment of wellbeing, your corporate wellbeing program is then tailored to deliver specific wellbeing outcomes for your organisation.  Specific holistic health assessments with integrative GPs, naturopaths and nutritionists along with health coaching and pathology testing can all be part of your wellbeing program.