Leadership Development Programs Melbourne

Keen to inspire others and lead effectively as you accelerate through your career? Is something holding you back?

While leadership experience is key to becoming a strategic leader, sometimes you might need more to harness your fullest potential. In order to be more resilient and adaptable in leadership positions, you must be able to face complex uncertainty and change, which can be especially hard if you aren’t prioritising your health and wellbeing. 

Boasting years of experience in a corporate environment, combined with her strong focus on nutrition as a certified nutrition specialist, Nicole can work closely with you to build self-awareness and motivation to become the best leader you can be through leadership coaching workshops. Leading yourself, which means prioritising your health and wellness, is the first dimension of becoming a successful leader.


While each leadership coaching session is different, and varies depending on the problems you’re experiencing, Nicole can help to identify areas where your performance or productivity may be lacking and develop a lasting partnership to improve in these particular areas. Creating a safe but stimulating environment, Nicole can help identify strengths and weaknesses and create action plans to improve your leadership tool kit.

A nutrient rich diet can help you improve your leadership skills in a range of ways. A balanced diet can ensure better mood and energy levels, helping you make it through long work weeks and stay positive when making game changing decisions. It can also lead to better time management, making you feel more prepared to take on each day. Maintaining a strong and healthy image can also lead to greater confidence and help to inspire employees working under you to foster their output and improve productivity.

Leadership coaching can provide new perspectives and focus. By helping leaders implement organisational and personal growth, you can regain focus and take control of your goals. Nicole has helped countless leaders harness their full potential by taking a personalised approach to leadership through self-reflection, introspection and evaluation.