“Nicole is a delight to work with, an experienced and skilled professional. I have had the opportunity to facilitate workshops with her, attend her clinic as a client, to get my diet and nutrition in check and most recently, I attended the well-being weekend organised and run by her, it was an opportunity not to be missed. The weekend covered so much fantastic information about body, mind and spirit and Nicole did an amazing job of creating and maintaining a wonderful space for us. I highly recommend you make contact with Nicole to begin your journey of Wellbeing.”
Lauren Goodman – Senior Leadership and Development Specialist at Simplot Australia

“Thank you Nicole for your boundless positivity in seeing what is possible in me. Having worked alongside you as a coaching colleague and client, I can vouch for your commitment to your clients. You’re real, you have amazing intuition about how to be helpful, your bag is full of coaching tools, but most of all you have encouraged me to dream and helped me to achieve it.” Erika Munton – Birth Coach, Educator, Attendant at Birthready

“Nicole is an excellent personal coach and trainer, with great patience and meaningful insights.  She has facilitated my growth both personally and as a coach and I highly recommend working with her, it will empower you for sure. Thanks Nicole.”
Ronan Powell – Director, MODA Solutions

“With a life already full to the brim with nine children, a freelance business and studying for a higher degree, I didn’t think I’d have time for a life coach – but it is just what I needed. Nicole’s expertise enabled me to keep focus on what it was I wanted to acheive and gently nudged me towards my goals over a six month period. Some weeks, when I thought I’d acheived nothing at all, I’d look at my task lisk and could invariably tick most of them off – and I’d hadn’t even been trying! I even had time to stop and smell some roses along the way…”
Fiona Trembath – Author

“Nicole is a good coach. What I have found with Nicole is that she is very positive and has the right energy to help me achieve my long term goals.”
AE – Small Business Owner

“Nicole has a good manner, great personality and a warm and friendly approach. I acknowledge her for providing feedback and being persistant.”
RL – Training Manager

“Although I am a new client, I am beginning to know Me. Nicole’s friendly manner and accessible style makes this journey challenging and delicious.”

“Nicole’s coaching style is easy and effective at the same time. She is a real people person who actually listens. To this end the setting of goals and tasks for each session is realistic and achievable. Nicole helps to set you up for success whether you know it at the time or not.”
Business Analyst – AXA