Nicole McAuliffe

Nicole Mcauliff
Clinic: 136 Cotham Road Kew, Victoria 3101 Australia.
Nicole Mcauliff

Health coaching serves as a lifestyle medicine and management tool to approach lifestyle-related disease. The traditional healthcare approach to certain health challenges may not be fully effective in supporting behaviour change—which is where health coaching comes in.

Incorporating evidence-based health behaviour techniques and interventions, health coaching is used to promote healthy living and serves as an early prevention tool to manage chronic conditions.

By embracing a flexible and curious mindset to identify problematic behaviours and correct them, individuals can learn how to grow as they are guided towards their goals while still remaining connected to their overall values and vision.

With decades of experience in supporting individuals to build self-determination and efficacy as a certified nutritionist, Melbourne-based health coach, Nicole, can help you establish and achieve your health goals.

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What is health coaching?

Health coaches are experts in developing personalised programs to help overcome unfavourable mindsets and behaviours to generate a more sustainable healthy lifestyle. Using science and an evidence-based approach, health coaching can help to prevent and treat disease while at the same time supporting your wellbeing so you can thrive.

Does health coaching work?

Yes, health coaching has been proven to lead to a range of profound health changes including: improved dietary, activity and lifestyle behaviours. If you are struggling to overcome health challenges and want to put your well-being first, health coaching may be right for you.

What coaching packages are available?

Coaching sessions are usually 60 minutes in length conducted in person or virtually. Nicole offers a range of packages with 3, 6 or 12 sessions to help individuals achieve their health goals.

What are the other types of coaching are offered:

  • Executive coaching can help to improve leadership and performance while also taking into account how aspects of the individual’s life are impacting their overall well-being.
  • Career coaching can help you progress or change your career direction
  • Life Integration coaching helps those who struggle with work-life-balance develop a healthier schedule, which is especially relevant in these unprecedented times.

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